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Airpull Aviation Academy is an AESA (Agencia Estatal de Seguridad Aerea (Spanish CAA)) Approved Training Organisation (ATO) which has been involved in training pilots since 2004. Our goal is to guarantee quality teaching so as to provide our students with first class flying training with a special emphasis and orientation towards European and international flying careers. One of the great advantages we have over many other schools is the fact that we are able to operate from our very own airport in Requena (Valencia) and this, together with a wonderful climate, allows us to take advantage of every available minute of sunshine and long days to complete our students’ hands-on flying training. Our programmes are open to those students and pilots from our neighbouring countries who are looking for quality training at affordable prices in line with what we have on offer. This is one of the reasons why we’re able to be so competitive with regard to the rest of Europe. The Integrated Programme for students from abroad will provide you with lodgings near our facilities, together with trained personnel committed to your integration into the training routine and atmosphere. We also provide language orientation and familiarization with Spanish customs and lifestyle. Our Maintenance Centre guarantees the safety of all our aircraft fleet and is able to carry out all types of repairs and mandatory servicing. Together with this, as it is located at Requena Airport itself, we have immediate availability of a well trained team of engineers who carry out daily flight-safety checks allowing for speedy solutions to any issues which may come up and so enabling us to maximise time in the air. For Airpull Aviation Academy, flight safety always comes first.