Airpull Aviation Academy’s integrated training programme for students from abroad has lodgings available near our facility. Together with this, we offer a mentoring service by specially trained team members to ensure that the students feel right at home in the academic environment as well as bringing them up to speed on Spanish and the country’s customs.

We mostly offer our students the type of housing arrangements based on an apartment sharing scheme between two or three students. Each member of the household has his or her own room with a shared kitchen, bathroom and dining room. We don’t provide meals with this sort of housing, so the students have to take care of their own catering.

There’s a BAR-RESTAURANT in our terminal building which is open all day. Here, we are able to offer our students and visitors different services. Some of these include providing just light snacks, appetizers and coffee, to FULL MEALS OF ANY TYPE. With this service, we can cover all those specialized gastronomic needs for our students and members of the public who come from different countries and cultures, and who may practice different religions.

The lodgings are located in the nearby town of Requena about 5 minutes away from the airport, and we provide a regular shuttle service for daily needs.

Our main goal is for our students to dedicate themselves 100% to their studies throughout the whole training process. This is why we feel that the closer the students are to their housing arrangements, the less time they’ll spend with unnecessary trips to and from the campus, and so they’ll be able to take advantage of their stay by maximizing training and study time.

However, any other housing and location arrangements can be provided on request from our students (hotel, hostel, etc).