Flight Instructor Course


With this course the instructor rating is obtained for training Private and Commercial Pilots.
This rating enables the holder to act as an instructor in any authorised training organisation, according the category of the rating obtained:


- Hold the Private Pilot’s or Commercial Pilot’s Licence and the Instrument Rating, if applicable.
- To have a minimum flight experience of 200 hours, 100 hours as pilot in command, 30 hours in single engine aeroplanes, 5 of them in the last 6 months.

Ground School Phase:

A minimum of 150 hours on:

– Teaching Methods (pedagogy)
– Human Factors and Limitations
– Operational Procedures
– Teaching Methods practical sessions

Flight Training:

A minimum of 30 hours flight time and 2 hours exam.


At the School, using the school’s facilities or at the Official Centre designated by the Civil Aviation Authority.

Estimated duration of the course:

It usually takes 5-6 weeks.