This is the first basic NON-PROFESSIONAL aeronautical licence.
The holder of such a licence is allowed to act:

- As Pilot-in-command of single-pilot operation certified aeroplanes (single-engine or multiengine if holding the appropriate rating) engaged in non remunerated flights, holding the corresponding Class/- Type ratings.
- As a pilot in instrument flight conditions when holding the Instrument Rating.

This is the initial licence awarded before becoming a professional pilot.

- Minimum Age: 17 years at the time of the final exam.
- Class 2 Medical Certificate.

Ground School:

Subject Hours
Air Law and ATC Procedures 20
Aircraft General Knowledge 20
Flight Performance and Planning 20
Human Performance and Limitations 20
Meteorology 20
Navigation 20
Operational Procedures 20
Principles of Flight 20
Communications 20
Total 180

Flight Training:

45 hours flight time in aeroplanes.
Out of these hours the requirements include: a minimum of 10 hours solo flight in aeroplanes under the supervision of an authorised flight instructor, including 5 hours solo cross country flight, plus a single cross country flight of at least 270 Km. (150 nautical miles), during which full stop landings will be carried out at two different aerodromes.

Course Programme:

- Ground School Phase: 180 hours over a period of 4 months.
- Practical Phase: It usually takes 2 to 4 months to fly all the 45 hours. It is possible to fly on Saturdays and Sundays.
- Flights are carried out at Requena Aerodrome (Valencia).


Ground school exam at Madrid (Senasa)
Flight exam at Requena Aerodrome

Price includes:

FLIGHT .................. Hours
PA-28 or C-172 .......... 45