Airpull Aviation Academy carries out its training from its privately owned base which is Requena’s Aerodrome (LERE). This is the ideal setting both for pilot training and general aviation recreational fling – we also run other fling based activities, together with offering an informal club atmosphere at our facility.

Due to its outstanding location, Requena’s Aerodrome has a huge amount of fling hours available (more than 85% of days per year are sunny) so the weather in Requena is ideal for both VFR and IFR fling. However, to offer the best possible experience to our pilots, Flight Training is also carried out in other areas and at other airports throughout Spain with similar weather conditions. Among just a few of them are Valencia, Soria, Reus, Ibiza, Alicante, Sotos (Cuenca), Castellón...

The huge advantages offered by operating one’s own airport in an area with an outstanding climate is clearly one of the main advantages that Airpull Aviation Academy has on offer to its students. With this arrangement, we can truly guarantee a full on service by providing all those resources needed by any student pilot for carrying out his or her quality training, such as the airfild, aircraft, ground school facilities, instructors, maintenance, and so on. This arrangement also allows us to work within all laid down fling progress time schedules and to complete our training commitments in just one place.

Requena’s Aerodrome is today a benchmark for other aerodromes, both in the area of flght services and pleasure fling, as well as in the filds of quality and safety – the latter being topmost in Airpull Aviation Academy’s operating philosophy.